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Ana & Bojan             

Ana and Bojan...they waited an extra year to get this party started due to Covid and what a party it was.

Just an amazing wedding to shoot.

Here's the trailer to start!

The Feature Film
            Jenna & Michael  Trailer  


Meeting so many great couples is such a gratifying part of what we do.

Jenna & Michael met in high school,  became friends and the rest is history.

They're in love with each other and the Harry Potter Franchise!


The trailer for Jenna and Michael.


Jenna & Michael Wedding Film
September 14th,  2019 

So these two lovely people met in grade 9. They shared a class or two but really go to know each other when they both ran cross country.

Over the years they realized how much they had in common, like their love for the Harry Potter franchise, the 2000's Friends sitcom, etc.

Their friendship grew into something bigger and here we are.


Samantha & Greg

 Samantha and Greg the first time they met they spent hours in a coffee shop and until they got kicked out.

I felt like I knew them for years when I first met them.

A really cool welcoming couple!

The vows they wrote for each!

Here’s the trailer and feature Film.

 Joanne & Rene 

Due to Covid restrictions at some venues

These two cool talented individuals turned their large new property into a wedding day oasis.



Fashion, style and fun was the deal on this wedding day. Congrats R&G!

The Feature Film
Haley & Matt

 Two funny, talented creative people.

Oh, and they're also teachers!

Here's the trailer.

Haley & Matt


And here's the feature film.

It starts with Haley's Dad singing and playing the guitar

instead of give ing the traditional "Dad" speech.



 Jessica & Riley 

The life of the party Jessica & Riley turned it up on their big day!

They met on the train after a motocross race where she had to sit on his lap due to no seats on the Go Train heading home! 

The rest i history.

Here's the film!


Megan & Pete

 Two great people with one awesome sense of humour.

They LOVE to laugh...


 Victoria & arjun 

                                 September 25th & 26th 2020

These two amazing people meet on the soccer field, or did they?

Feature film coming soon.  In the meantime check out the trailer!


Alex & Thomas Trailer  - Dyment's Farm

The trailer for Alex & Thomas!

A cool couple with strong family bond.  This wedding was shot on the beautiful grounds of Dyment's Farm in Dundas/Hamilton

They live to travel, love to laugh and it was a pleasure telling their story through their wedding film above.

Alex & Thomas Wedding Film

An amazing couple with love for each other, family and travel.

They were married at their family owned fantastic Dyment's Farm in Dundas/Hamilton.

I had a great time putting this wedding film together.  Every direction I pointed my camera was a great shot.

And the sunflowers...come on!!!


I now call these two great people friends...  


Congrats Alex and Thomas!  




 Sarah & Jeff  

I met Sarah and Jeff at a wedding show and we immedaitely hit it off.

Two really down to earth people who obviously loved each other to pieces!  Getting to know theses guys was my pleasure for sure.  All the best with your life together you two!  

Brittainey & Mike

Brittainey and Mike were referred to my by my sister in law at "The Village Flower" in Chippawa a locally owned flower shop.

After meeting them I thought what a really cool, unique couple that just had their stuff together.  They loved the outdoors, loved to fish and hunt so we thought we'd like to add that element to their wedding film.  After a wine tasting session or two at Wayne Gretzky's (part of our process) we figured out a plan.  Check out the film.  Congrats Brittainey & Mike!

Hare Wine Co. Styled Shoot - Sarah & Dylan

This was an amazing collaboration of local vendors led by Krista Gorman of Loverly Weddings who we work with on a regular basis. We team up with photo and video packages for clients and all is good in the world! A shout out to our good friends at the Hare wine Co. what a great location to shoot in.

 Also BIG UP to our fantatic models who were just amazing.  Sarah and Dylan, job well done. 

Styled Vintage Wedding Shoot

 A second styled shoot with our local vendor collaboration team once again led by Krista Gorman of Loverly Weddings.

Vintage  car, planes, great models and creative industry peeps.

Love it!

Qi  &  David

So we Qi & David at a wedding show and I said to my wife, "they're such a cute couple and were really cool to chat with I hope they book.

Long story short...they did.

These two love to travel so of course we need to include that very important part of their life in their wedding film.

Good stuff Qi & David...all the best.  

Sabrina & Miro

I was introduced to Sabrina and Miro through a vendor/friend (thanks Nelson from Muzik Entertainment) and we immediately hit it off. Two really down to earth people who loved life, family and motorcycles (Miro) The church they were married in was spectacular as you'll see when you hit play. 

So I'll stop typing now.

Please watch and enjoy the love story of Sabrina & Miro.