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So let me get something out of the way first. A great night for me is a good movie, cold glass of milk and freshly baked Pillsbury chocolate cookies.  (I know, guilty pleasures right?...) I can't believe I put that out there!

Working in mainstream media throughout my life, I've always held a camera in tow. The years of a Radio and T.V personality has nurtured my love for working with people!  Your wedding day with our team will be an entertaining experience!

My Work in film making is about the art, it's about making a wedding film which tells your story.

 Extracting your personality.  Getting to know all of my clients is extremely important to me because my philosophy is  I can't tell your story if I don't know you and your finance`.

Drop me a line, or just browse the site and enjoy the wedding films.


I'd love to hear from you. 


Meet The Team

Jessica Lake

Production assistant

You couldn't meet a nicer person!

Jessica has been with the team for the past 4 years and is quite the people person!

Drew Rutty

Camera Assistant

and all around good guy who loves what he does.

Creativity just kind of follows him around!

Jaie Tufford

Production assistant/Sound Guy

Back in the day we used to call him Silent Jaie because he didn't say much.

Now he's in charge of audio, dialogue and production sound.

Go figure...!

Swapan Kalia (Linx)

Graphic Design

All around good guy who loves what he does.

Attention to detail is his mandate.

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