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W2 Wedding Films Introduces "Lifestyle Feature Films" - Where your love story takes centre stage. We go beyond traditional wedding films, capturing your essence through cinematic storytelling.   

 Multiple locations, heartfelt interviews, with the spotlight on your lifestyle, hobbies, friends, and family create a visual masterpiece that authentically portrays your journey together. 

With at least 3 days of shooting full crew, multiple locations, lighting, set design and more.


Elevate your wedding memories and embark on a cinematic celebration of your love story.

Lifestyle Feature Film

Katie & Joseph

Katie & Joseph wanted a wedding film in the same style of one of their favourite shows

"The Office" so we definitely were up to the challenge.  We embraced it actually!

Over the Christmas holidays before their May 4th wedding we set up at series of interviews with both families and the wedding party. That went well. 

Then we shot what Katie & Joe love to do in their spare time, things like playing board games, hanging out with friends, going for drives, etc.then of cousre shoot ing the full wedding day with interviews of friends, family and the couple throughout the day.

Congrats Katie and Joe!

Here's the trailer, and their Full Feature Lifestyle Film!

Karleen & with Zoe


15 years of

Creating Wedding Films 

We have the know-how you need.

Lifestyle Feature Film collection:  $5900.00

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