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The Experience


Creating a unique wedding film doesn't start on your wedding day.

Oh no my friend. It starts many moons before. How could we just show up on your wedding day and know exactly who you are and what kind of film you want?! That just wouldn't be right in our books.

Here's how we handle things!

Step 1

A Conversation (remember those!)

Boho Wedding Couple

We offer you the option to meet over meet over Zoom, Skype, or take you wine tasting at Wayne Gretzky's in Niagara on The Lake to get to know you both a little better. We'll discuss what makes you tick as an individual and as a couple. Depending on the collection, we'll conduct  an audio based interview you for your wedding film. we ask what you like, love, about your partner, how you met, when you fell in love, etc.


We then use that audio in your film to help tell your love story the right way the W2 way.

Step 2

The Questionnaire

At W2 Wedding Films you will receive your own online portal where you can access your films, contract, invoices, emails and questionnaire.

The questionnaire is our guide in the filmmaking process to make sure we include what's important to you and your family.  We ask questions like about the style of film you would like us to produce, pacing, music genres, etc.  This way we have a solid template to build on for your your special film.

Image by Prapoth Panchuea

Step 3

Bride and Groom

Lifestyle Shoot

Here's where we have some fun!

Our lifestyle shoot is the equivalent of a photography engagement shoot. Almost a practice session before your wedding. We see how you and your partner respond in front of a camera , what shots you like, and get a better understanding of your style. Depending on your collection we would also take this time to the audio interview of you both to include in your wedding film(s).

Step 4

Your Day

We request a full itinerary of your wedding day well in advance so we can plan accordingly. We also send out a wedding tips document to make sure you have everything you need to make things go as smooth as possible on your big day. We show up nice and early on your wedding day so nothing gets missed. We don't like to rush things...hurts the creative process!

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